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Crystals by Fox Lake

Golden Sandalwood Incense Sticks

Golden Sandalwood Incense Sticks

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Golden Sandalwood is said to bring people closer to the divine, inciting calmness and clearing the mind. It is the most commonly used incense for meditation, prayer, and other spiritual practices across multiple religions.

Satya incense, hand rolled in India, are from pure extracts and fine scented oils, using only natural ingredients to create a sweet, long lasting earthy fragrance which will last for hours after burning. 


Shipping & Returns

All sales are final. No returns or exchanges offered.

Crystals are shipped with up to $50 insurance by USPS if they arrive broken.*
You are responsible to contact us and correct any incorrect shipping information.

*(Bubble Mailer not included)


Care Instructions

Unscented mild soap with tap or lukewarm water and then dry with a soft cloth to keep the luster intact.

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