Brand New Inventory!

We have received a bunch of STUNNING new crystals for you, bringing back some of your faves requested by popular demand, and introducing our latest top picks!

Our newest selection includes clusters, spheres, palm stones, and more.

Take a look!

Clothing Vendors Wanted!

Here at Crystals by Fox Lake, we are constantly looking to help other local small businesses grow and give neighboring communities a fun, safe place to meet, hang out, and shop.
We are currently looking to add two to three different clothing vendors to our store.
With clothing racks, shelves, price gun and labels at the ready- allow us to help take your brand to the next level!
Contact us via email for more information or to set up an in person meeting for us to view your line.

Tarot&Oracle Decks are here!!!

Tarot and Oracle decks are both great tools for spiritual insight, but in different ways!

Tarot is a form of divination that can provide guidance to a current sitation, done through a specific layout of cards. Oracle decks, on the other hand, contain messages that are interpreted through a broader perspective. They can be based on any spiritual background, meaning no two decks are ever the same!

Interpreatations from both tarot and oracle readings can reveal one's inner truth, connecting them to their Higher Self.

We have a lot more variety of Tarot & Oracle decks than are showed in this post, feel free to come to our store in Downtown Fox Lake to view our entire inventory.

We also offer Tarot readings at our store, any day of the week (that includes weekends!) Feel free to call or message us to set up an appointment, or to find out more information.

Visit us in store!

Near or visiting the Chicago area?
Crystals by Fox Lake is located in Downtown Fox Lake, Illinois at 28 E Grand Avenue, right in front of the Village Bakery and by the Fox Lake Metra Station.
Featuring a diverse selection of crystals, fossils, raw material, books, candles, terrariums, crotchet, wooden jewelry, wooden decor, wooden art, wire wrapped jewelry and more, our crystal shop is a perfect mix of all things neccesary for self healing, positive energy, spiritual cleansing, not to mention gifts for your loved ones.
Coming in Spring of 2023 our Alchemy Bar will be opening for the public, more information will be available soon.