One Week and Two Days Until Miami

It's 2:27am.

We just created our official website a few hours ago and have spent most of the day working on getting it up and running. 

My bag is already packed, I have two usual's; I'm either usually ready very ahead of time, or I'm usually running to throw something together last minute. Whitney is mentally preparing what he's going to bring with us since we're traveling very, VERY light. 

We will only have two bookbags with us, besides whatever we get at stops on our drive. We have both decided we will be shipping a box of crystals to our arrival destination in Miami to join us on the drive for our traveling live sales aside from the crystals we plan on buying along the way. 

It's really exciting knowing that we are only almost a week away, it's partially terrifying as well for personal reasons. I've missed Kai like no one could ever imagine and I am so stoked to finally be sleeping next to him (buried by him) and traveling with him & Whitney.

For those of you that do not know Kai, he is my rescue emotional support K-9. He was definitely abused by other animals before I found him, so he doesn't take well to other pets but he is extremely human friendly and does an AMAZING job taking care of me. (Photos Attached)

Thank you all for supporting our crystal business so far, we are so lucky to be able to expand it the way we are going to. We hope to provide you guys even more affordable pricing and better bulk deals. For any information you cannot find on our website during this stressful time period, feel free to reach out to us via email at:


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